Nov 25 2022

Namr Bin Udwan

A performative play on the most famous bedouin epos for the Arab legend Namr Bin Udwan.

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  • Nov 25 2022 , 09:00 PM To

    Nov 30 2022 , 12:30 PM

  • Bakr Al Sheddy Theater- Boulevard Riyadh

  • All - Children are not allowed

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About Event

A musical performance about the story of the poet knight Nimr bin Adwan and the story of his love for Wadha, for whom everyone around him fought to marry her despite the customs of the tribe. after their marriage, Wadha dies, so Nimr spends the rest of his life beside Wadha's grave, lamenting her with his poems that roamed the world as the most beautiful poems of love and loss.

Laws And Regulations

  • Visitors can reach out to the Ehtemam Cen erfor inquiries tor complaints on 8002444010


Bakr Al Sheddy Theater- Boulevard